Fiction and Non-

About 99% of everything I've written is lost and forgotten, for such is newspaper writing.  I've got a bunch of paystubs to show for my efforts -- and a handsome Oregon Newspaper Publisher's Association Award for Excellence  -- but most of my body of work is relegated to the refuse heap of yesterday's news. This is probably why I left journalism to be a bum.  Er, musician. 
But I never stopped writing, and these days I do so 
for my pleasure, and, I hope, yours.


I've written two or three books. 
Here are the opening chapters from 
So Long, Son of Zorro ( Basic Black ), 
and from How to Sing Like a Freakin' Bird
(And Give up Show Business?).

And here are a couple of short stories from an upcoming collection:
Bite Me  
The Little Things

These profiles of personal favorites 
originally appeared in hipfish magazine:
Mark Twain , Frank Zappa,
Shemp Howard and W.C. Fields .

And Beatles fans will be interested in 
my research piece on the
Fab Guitars of the Beatles.


All this stuff is copyrighted, so if it is seen anywhere else without my permission, you may expect, 
first, a letter from my lawyer.

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