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By John F. Crowley

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Updated 12 January 2020

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These pages could not have been created without the help of many smart and generous people around the world, among them Mark Dronge of Guild Guitars, Rickenbacker CEO John Hall, 
Ken Brown, Ronnie Hawkins, Chris Huston, Doug Feaver, David Birch,
Frank Trevino, Larry Wassgren, Tim Fletcher, Rob Morrison,
Tom Trig, Greg Fritz, Ron DeMarino, Jo Ann LaverdeSøren Mathiesen,
James R. Spencer, Chris Burley, Mark Lewisohn, Gordon Baer, Lasse Bengtsson
Jeff Levenson, Peter McCormack, John McCaw, Bob Harrison, Liam McPherson, Dennis Alstrand, 
Bill Ashton, Brian Kehew, Glen Lambert, Jim Huff, Frank Agnello, 
Will Lee, Joe Baiardi, Greg Feo, Mike O'Brien, Craig Colandro, Johnny "Guitar" Byrne, 
Alan Stratton, Ernie Burkey, Helen Bailey, Tony Bacon, Sean O'Neel, Howard Kramer, 
Balafon Books of London, Frank McLallen, Chris Baldit, 
Joe McMichael, Brian Simer, Mike Malone, Jon Roanhaus, 
Elliott Christ, Steve Russell,  Colin Scott, Tony Cook, Thorsten Knublauch,
Frank Negron, Don Adamek, Björn Eriksson, Brad Johnson, 
Catherine E. Doyle, Roger Giffin, Melvyn Hiscock, Jim Nugent,
Michael A. Kerker, Brad Rodgers, Mark Arnquist, Mark S. Barnes, John Haberstroh, 
Eric Enders, Paul Huber of Huber and Breese Music in Frasier, MI, 
Ken Wood, Rallis Wiesenthal of Chicago, Joe Phillips
Scott Jennings of Route 66 Guitars, Pasadena, Tom Hartman of Boca Raton, Takumu Tada of Japan, Joe Brennan of NYC, Wolf Levine of Honolulu, Phil Draper of Liverpool, Duane Wayne, the guys at the Jacaranda Club, 
and the artist currently known as BobKat. Thanks also to Andy Babiuk. His "Beatles gear" book has cleared up a few mysteries about Beatles guitars.
And Messrs. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starkey, M.B.E..

There's a lot of misinformation floating about, and I constantly strive to weed it out
and present the most reliable facts I can find. 

If you spot an error or can offer an addition or clarification 
regarding Beatles-era guitars, please tell me .

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