Welcome to the
Are You Being Served?
Executive Kharzi,
which is frequently bunged up with sentiment.

 A tribute to the British comedy by 
David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd,
originally broadcast on the BBC from 1973 to 1985

Original Scripts

Employee of the Year  The staff learn the way to Young Mr. Grace's heart.


Poor Relations    Grace Brothers' new sexual harassment officer -- Cuthbert Rumbold -- has his work cut out for him.

Night Watch  The story of the ill-conceived Midnight Madness Sale

Something Blue  Miss Brahms' fiance comes to tea.

Happy Christmas, Mr. Grainger   The Men's senior assistant receives an unexpected holiday bonus.

All Together Now   Four stowaways liven up the staff's "Most Improved Floor" dinner.

The Changing of the Guard Mr. Grainger decides to take retirement, but isn't ready to hang it all up.

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Here are some original script pages from
"Do You Take This Man?" autographed by
most of the cast members!

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