Roseville Scrapbook, Pt. 13

Robert Certo sends in this 1941 shot of his grandmother, June McCarthy (married in Roseville Presbyterian Church), posing outside her parents' store at 78 11th Avenue with a Hoffman soda sign. The store is gone but the memory remains.

Johnny G sends in this shot of the boys at Al's Tavern 
(corner of First and Orange streets) circa 1962-65.  Recognize anybody?

Our homegrown historian Joe Bilby found this at the National Guard Museum here in Jersey.  His comments:  "It is the band of a unit either coming or going to the Mexican border in 1916.  I am guessing that the scene is Newark, since the sign on the building advertises Feigenspan's Beer, and the ad for 'Flegenheimer's Poratonic' cites a 100 Market Street Newark address."  Joe is correct; they're marching past Military Park.  That's the old Hudson Tube train station in the middle, with the "new" Public Service Building to its right.

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