Roseville Scrapbook 14

Frank McCree sends in this modern photo of the northwest corner of Fourth Street and Sussex Avenue, once the site of Sally's Soda Fountain, where I had my first Italian hot dog.  The McCree house was just a few doors north, and in fact is still there. 


The next three photos are from Peggy Bell, who lived at 196 Roseville Avenue:  "I don't know who the boys are," she says, "but maybe someone inthe group does! The steps lead to the Smiths' apartment at 196, the 6th Avenue side. The front room was Mr. Smith's office. I think he was an accountant."



"The front of the building during a snowstorm, January


"Sam Bilby and me on my 9th birthday. He was a very
nice man. I wish my own grandfather had been as good
to me!"

Onward to Pt. 15