Back to Orange Street, where we see a Roseville Line car about to cross Roseville Avenue and head downtown.  (At rush hour this route went all the way to the Elizabeth city line, and on Sundays to the Staten Island Ferry at the Elizabethport loop.)  The impressive Roseville Trust building on the corner also housed a dentist whose name I can't make out.  Next to it on Orange Street is the old Franklin Mortgage & Title Company, and beyond that an empty space soon to be occupied by a popular diner.  On the far corner, of course, is the Roseville Methodist Episcopal Church, and its attendant building.


It's now 1950, and the St. Rose contingent of the Roseville Punkin Parade is proceeding up Orange Street.  Back on the corner there is the old Whelan's Drugs, named something else now but soon to become Rexall Drugs.  At the left of the photo: Bodholt's Diner, a few years before its modernization.

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