A Short Detour Up Roseville Avenue


As we turn right at Roseville Avenue, we encounter some of the businesses here on the east side of the street.  Somewhere in there is the little shoe repair store where Mr. Tetta gave me my first job.  This old photo, from the Newark Public Library collection, once featured a portrait as well (apparently a Mr. X!).  Makes you wonder.


Looking up Roseville Avenue, we see the handsome Roseville Armory on the left.  In later years its impressive facade would be demolished!  Peering down to the corner of Seventh Avenue, on the left we can make out the colorful canopies of Foster's Drug Store (site of the future McAvoy Apartments). 


IBack in time a little bit from the last photo:  Before 1905 or so, if we walked up Roseville Avenue to Seventh Avenue, just before we got there the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western tracks would cross Roseville at street level and we'd pass the original Roseville Station (above, looking west, with N. Ninth Street behind).  Later, when the tracks were lowered into the "Roseville Cut," a new station was built across the street, at Seventh & N. Ninth. 

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