We're skipping a couple streets and a few decades, but here's a view of Orange Street looking west from the intersection of N. Fourth Street.  To the left, on the corner, is Hopp's Drug Store.  This is my era, and I remember only a few of the businesses on this side of the street.  The north side of the street accommodated a gas station on the corner, then, among others, a tailor, a sewing machine shop, Larry's Meat Market, Nason the Butcher, a dry cleaner, and Phil and Charles' Tavern


Now we move up the street and back in time again.  Looking the other way at the intersection of N. Sixth, we see the old Second Precinct (it may have had a different designation at this time).  Beyond it, between Sixth and Fifth streets, I recall several businesses that would appear later, such as Braun's German Bakery and the Hi-Fi shop.  Interestingly, there are still a couple trees on Orange street at this time.

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