Here we are at the intersection of N. Seventh Street, looking west again, in this blow-up of a colorized postcard.  You can't miss the Roseville Methodist Church.  Hard to date this photo, but it's before 1924, as there's no St. Rose of Lima church yet, although the spire of the school is discernable. 


A photo from about the same time, taken on the other side of the street, up the block a bit.  Looks like the Fourth of July or some other flag-waving occasion.  On the right would later appear such businesses as Kohl's Treasure Chest gift shop, One-Hour Martinizing and, on the corner, the Rexall drug store, although at this time it was named Whelan's.  Over on the south side of the street we see the buildings that would house the Wonder Bar and Ratner's Confectionery, and down on the corner of Myrtle Avenue the big handsome building with the cupola that would much later play host to Moy Bing's (after it moved out of the second floor of Whelan's).  Still farther down we see the spire of St. Rose of Lima School.

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