And now a word from our drummer . . .

OK, technically he's not a guitarist in the band, but Rich Pagano's drumming is the heartbeat of the FF, 
and his kit is deserving of a look-see, as well. 

Rich's first drumset was "a Sears red sparkle kit," and his favorite is his '95 GMS champagne sparkle kit.  "They can sound like a Gretsch or a modern DW" and have "a finish that goes on 'til eternity." 

Here's the breakdown:

13" rack tom
14" floor tom (when playing anything from Abbey Road)
16" floor tom
22" kick 
5 1/4 X 14" snare (wood shell finish)

The cymbals:
20" Hand Hammered Bounce Ride
18" Hand Hammered crash
18" El Sabor crash
14" High Hat

Mounted tambourine


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