Biographical Information

Who am I? Well, the one on the left.  But just to avoid confusing me with other John F. Crowleys (I've met four), you should know that I'm the one who attended St. Rose of Lima School in Newark, NJ (Class of '65), Essex Catholic HS (expelled, '66), Barringer HS ('66-'67), and Linden HS (expelled, '69), as well as Clatsop College, Astoria, OR (Class of  '77) and the University of Oregon School of Journalism (Class of  '80).

If that doesn't help, I'm the one who worked at The Springfield (OR) News, the Corvallis (OR) Gazette-Times, The Daily Astorian, The Willamette Valley Observer, This Week magazine (Portland), The Elizabeth (NJ) Daily Journal, Travel Trade (NYC) and Travel Weekly (in beautiful Secaucus, NJ). 

You might have met me anywhere.  I've lived all over Jersey (in Newark, Elizabeth, Linden, Rahway, East Orange, South Orange, Long Branch and Bayonne), in Manhattan (E. 14th Street), in Massachusetts (New Bedford, Boston), in Colorado (Boulder, Nederland), in Arizona (Tucson, Chino Valley), in California (Alameda, San Francisco, South SF), and in Oregon (Springfield, Portland, Eugene and Astoria). 

 I retired from the publishing business after working myself into a rut.  For the last 25 years I've been painting houses, playing music and writing fiction.  I cling stubbornly to an irresponsible lifestyle and live with Lewis Francis, swanky cat and heir apparent.

Down Memory Lane with Old Photos



1958: Who could be cuter than me?

1965: Going greaser, the better to blend at Essex Catholic.  They threw me out anyway.

1973: Remember the Charles Manson look?


1983:   Yes, I became a rock 'n' roller.   When this photo was taken, I was playing with Evolution, a North Jersey outfit. 


1986: Looking good is often a matter of standing next to the right person. 

Top Ten True Facts
  • Born May 29, 1951 in Reading, PA.
  • First concert: The Beatles, Shea Stadium, Aug. 23, 1966.
  • Been to every state except Hawaii, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.
  • Ate ten grams of hashish during a traffic stop on Route 9 in South Amboy, NJ, 1968; wound up at White Castle.
  • Saw UFO: Miami Beach, 1973.
  • Elected Clatsop College student body president, 1975-76.
  • Spent a week in Hollywood with Howard Stern after winning song parody contest, 1985.
  • Arrested in early-morning brawl with five policeman outside a Rahway, NJ coffee shop in 1985.
  • Ordained minister in Universal Life Church, 2002.
  • Planned epitaph:  "To Boldly Go Where Everyone Has Gone Before."

Not all of you will be interested in this,
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A thought on Music
I've been playing the guitar for 45 years now and have achieved adequacy.   It's been a blast writing and playing rock 'n' roll music.  I've performed in clubs in NYC, NJ, Oregon and the SF area, both solo and with various bands. 
I've played on TV a few times and performed on the Howard Stern show a couple times, as well.  Just another bristle in my brush with fame! I hope to write more and better songs before my decadent lifestyle renders me flaccid and crapulent


But enough about me. 
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