Back across the street, past Dairyland and up to the corner of N. 11th Street.  I do remember some of the shops here: Chase Drugs, Thom McAn, Ray's Army-Navy.


Up N. 11th lived some good friends, like Phil Greiner, not to mention his lovely sister Sally.  The Culligan clan resided here, as well as the Davis family.   As I recall, there was also a pretty decent-sized parking lot there, as well.


Back over to the south side of Orange again, where there was one long block between S. 11th and 14th streets, starting with the Bellrose Restaurant.  I recall eating in there only a few times, but -- how about the fins on that old Buick!


More stores on the "long block."  Never bought one of those $5 dresses, but I do remember a candy store around here where I bought a lot of my comic books, as they had a better selection than Bubbles' did.  And wasn't that a toy store over to the right?


Here are still more of the stores on the "long block."   Frankly, I never got down here.  The "upper" Orange Street gang can fill in the blanks here.


Taken from the corner of 13th Street, here are the last shops in the "long block," the last being Wilner's Liquors, which occupied the triangular building at "the point," where Orange meets W. Market Street.

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