Back on the north side, we see the Krebs shop (specializing in ladies' imminent apparel), flanked by two five-and-dimes, Donald's on the left and W.T. Grant's on the right.


Here's the intersection of 13th Street.  About the only stores I remember patronizing were Zeman's and, further down, Donald's 5&10.  Zeman's of course, is where I did all my clothes shopping during my "greaser" period, and Donald's, of course, is where I did all my Christmas shopping.


Looking up 13th, one can spy the stairway connecting to that "viaduct" overpass that crossed the Erie-Lackawanna tracks.


Cars, of course, just went one block further to Hedden Place and drove up and over, at the top either turning left, towards 14th Street, or right, down onto Seventh Avenue and back into good old Roseville.  There is one short block left on Orange Street, to N. 14th Street, starting with Don Newcombe's cocktail lounge:

Thank you, Dr. Berg, for taking the time and trouble to capture 
old Orange Street for us.  Fifty years and more later, 
we are grateful to get another look.  And thanks again to the NPL for preserving these images.

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