Still on the north side, to the left of the theater was a luncheonette whose name escapes me, as well as a couple other shops whose history I likewise cannot summon.  


The corner building itself, however, housed a few St. Rose families, including our friends the Plaugics; behind it, the mammoth Tivoli filled up a good deal of the block.


Across Gray Street was the El Jay Furniture Company, and past that a lot of shops I was less familiar with, as I hailed from "lower" Orange Street!  Except for . . .   


Dairyland!  Many happy memories of delicious lunches and treats here.  My mom was especially fond of this place.


Backing up just a bit, back on the corner of Gray Street, across from SRL School was the Flower Basket, later a pizza joint, Brody's Shoes and then the good old A&P (where Harry or Benny would dash to complete your order if it wasn't on the H&B shelves).


Continuing to S. 11th Street, past the Taft Cleaners was the old R&S store, a magical place filled with auto parts, appliances and splendid, shiny bicycles.

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