Same block, at the corner of Fifth.  If you turned right here you would find the Roseville Branch of the Newark Public Library near the end of the block.


Across Fifth was a tavern called Dolan's, I believe.  We had some friends who lived above it, the Doherty family.  Down the block were a confectionery, a paint store, the German bakery, the hi-fi place and Home Liquors.


Across Orange, on the north side, we see Phil & Charles' Tavern, where ladies had to sit in the back room, and beyond it another "convenience store" (as we would call them today) run by a misanthropic geezer named Fred Reed, then the Art tailor shop, Nason's Butcher Shop (later occupied by a troupe of gypsys), Larry's Market, and so on.


Across Fifth was a shop that never seemed to prosper, but over it lived an early sweetheart of mine, Valerie Torcivia.  Just down Fifth Street was an auto body shop, then across the railroad bridge the formidable Raab clan lived.  One of my first jobs was helping Jimmy Raab deliver his papers.


Still on the north side, at the corner of Sixth was Mary's Luncheonette, about which I recall very little, and beyond that a tailor shop, a butcher, and a couple doors down a small grocery/produce market that my grandmother loved.  When I would accompany her, the proprietor always gave me some grapes or something to snack on.  Wish I could remember his name.


Across Sixth were some shops, only some of which I recall.  A couple door down was the beauty parlor my grandmother patronized, and, I believe, a florist.  There was also a laundromat, and not far beyond that Rallo's Restaurant and Brohman's (more on that place later.)


Dominating the intersection, of course, was the old Second Precinct (originally the Fifth precinct), where I was dragged in from time to time to get lectured.  On the happier side, I fondly recall the PAL activities on the top floor.


On the other corner was Home Liquors (which survives to this day, across the street.  Only Hopp's, albeit under new management, can say that).  Beyond the liquor store was the hi-fi shop and Braun's German Bakery, dispenser of those black-and-white cookies, world-class brownies and fabulous seven-layer chocolate cakes.

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