On to Seventh Street.  Here on the south side of Orange, Boyle's Tavern anchored the intersection.  Beyond it I recall almost nothing about the other buildings. 


Across Seventh from Boyle's was the original Roseville Deli, to which I was dispatched regularly for cold cuts, delicious hard rolls and Dad's Root Beer.  Farther down the street were some of Roseville's best shops, including Tilmes the Stationer and Gruning's.  And look at that cool DeSoto parked in front of the barber shop!


Across Orange was Brohman's dress shop, site of the legendary horse-through-the-window episode.  Next to it was the excellent Rallo's Restaurant, where one could catch a glimpse of pizza makers spinning their dough in the shop window.


Down Seventh Street, of course, was the old Plaza Theater, realm of the mythic Kreidell Sisters (one was nice, the other, well . . . ).  It used to have "City Theater" emblazoned on a water tank atop its roof, the support for which endured long after the tank vanished. Beyond that, in our time, was Barney's Limousine Service.  Occasionally the garage door would be open, and you could take a gander at all those cool limos and hearses.  I guess only kids can think hearses are cool.


Across Seventh was Carteret Savings, and beyond it a little gift shop called Kohler's Treasure Chest.  Then there was a jeweler, and farther down One Hour Martinizing.

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