A couple of the old PCCs are now stored here at the shop at Grove Street.  NJ Transit, which operates the City Subway, sold the rest to various systems and museums.  Some are still operating in San Francisco.


A rare shot of a PCC car painted in NJT livery passing a City Subway line car, No. 5221; built in 1912, it's the oldest trolley car in New Jersey.


Another old workhorse, flat car #5226.  Also still in the fleet are a snow plow car and a sweeper car.


In this photo by Joe Brennan, we see what replaced the PCCs in 2001 -- new articulated, double-ended LRVs (light-rail vehicles).  This photo was taken at the new Branch Brook Park Station.  Ugly, aren't they?  Well, at least Newark still has a city subway.
The photographs on these pages come from the archives of 
the Newark Public Library and from John Harrington Riley's comprehensive work titled 
The Newark City Subway Lines
Except where noted, photos are by J.H. Riley and A. Creamer
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