Here's our beloved Orange Street station, until 2002 the only grade crossing on the City Subway line.   Cars would stop and wait for the green light, then honk and clang their way across the street.  This view looks north, toward Branch Brook Park, along whose whose western border the line continued to its terminus. 


Here an inbound PCC car waits to make its imperious crossing.   Oddly enough, there are no records of serious accidents at this locale. 
Note the tower of the old Newark Academy off to the left.


As mentioned, one 21 Orange line came down W. Market Street and entered the subway just past Warren Street.  Another 21 Orange line came down Orange Street and, as shown here, entered the subway at that point.  That's the old Tung-Sol factory on the right. 


In 1952 the last streetcar peeled off from the City Subway and ran down Orange Street.   Public Service gleefully announced this "improvement."  This photo was taken on Orange Street near Seventh, looking west.

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