Just before Warren Street, the last "tunnel station," came the next streetcar turn-out and turn-in ramps; these flanked Raymond Boulevard.  Here an inbound 21 Orange car enters the subway. 


On the other side, another 21 Orange car hits street level.  These access ramps were used until the 21 streetcar line was discontinued in 1951.  However, three years later the inbound ramp came in handy . . . 


As the old wooden streetcars neared the end of their useful operation, Public Service planned to pave the subway and turn it over to ASVs (Trackless Trolleys), which were being used on other PS lines.  But the price tag of that proposal well exceeded the company's second option, which was the purchase of 30 slightly used PCC cars from the Twin Cities for $300,000.  They were rehabilitated at the Plank Road Shops then trucked to Warren Street and lowered onto the access ramp to the City Subway.  Here Car 16 inaugurates the system's new look.




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