The Public Service Building
and the Cedar Street Subway

The new Public Service building was completed in 1916 and is considered one of the most innovative transportation complexes of its time.  Construction photo below from the George Conrad Collection shows the rear of the building and its upper-level streetcar ramp. 

This diagram shows the track layouts on the upper and lower levels of the building. 


terminal 21

 This view shows the Upper Level ramp under construction.  Commuters traveling to the old Post Office and Prudential building, visible on the left, and the Griffith Building, to the right, will soon have an easier commute. 


From the upper level, streetcar lines traveled down to Mulberry Street before dispersing to Kearny, Hackensack, Bloomfield, Perth Amboy, Elizabeth and Trenton, among other places.  Also pictured in the bay is a trackless trolley, or ASV (All-Service Vehicle) -- an electrified bus, really, that spelled the beginning of the end for streetcars.


Two models -- old and "new" -- of the ASV
(All-Service Vehicle), a.k.a. Trackless Trolley. 
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