Roseville Scrapbook 25

A few more photos from Dick Masterson illustrating Newark's Finest and Bravest.
Firstly, the NPD Basketball Team champs, 1957-58

npd champs

Dick's father, Andy Masterson, driving the "Grey Ghost," the White Hook & Ladder,
on Broad Street on Armistice Day 1941:

The 1932 Firemen's Relief Association. Andy Masterson is fourth from the left.

The 1935 Newark Fire Academy graduating class;
Andy Masterson is in the back row third from the left.


And the newly formed Newark Police Tactical Force taken in 1969.
From left to right front row: Lt.  John Curtiss, Joe Curran, Charlie Kelly,
Tommy Rizzo, Billy Coley, Sgt. Richard "Bat" Masterson.
From left to right back row: Richie Schmalz, Bob Scarpone, Joe Mosca, Richie Capobianco.

dick 21

                                   From Mike Pagliaro comes this photo of the Garfield School Class of 1959.  Thanks, Mike:


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