Roseville Scrapbook 22

Steve Dowdell sends in these photos of dear old Camp Mohican taken in the summer of 2007:  "It is still a camping area. Beautiful, with a crystal clear lake (we knew it as Wildcat Lake. It's been changed to Catfish Lake). This is where I earned my Mile Swim patch. Even though I spent most of the time doing the backstroke. Known now as the Mohican Outdoor Center; part of the Appalachian Mountain Club. A dad and his two young sons were fishing when I was there. He was raised in the area and told me that after the Boy Scout Camp Mohican closed, they used it to film "Friday the 13th". No separate confirmation, so that has to still be considered rumor. There were tent platforms where the campsites used to be. Can't remember all the 'units' but Pioneers, Frontiers, Buccaneers, Mountaineers, were four of the five. Bernie may know the other. The Mess is still there (I'm sure it's a new Mess, not to be confused with the old mess). I can still remember building some of the trails in our early attempt at being eco-friendly. No one coined the term then. We just did it because it was the right thing to do. Some of the remnants of the trails are still there. At least in my mind they were. Loved everything about that place. Even the giant flies and snakes and other creatures. And visiting day on that Sunday between the two weeks when your parents and whomever could visit. (Had to put on our dress uniforms then). "

facing entrance
mess hall
ranger remains