Roseville Scrapbook 20

Rosemary Zintel Zava sends in these great photos.  
"This is Charles H. Zintel (my father) 1907-1965, who lived at 445 Seventh Avenue, Newark, N.J. in the Roseville section until 1965. He was a renowned square-dance caller in the Northeast: N.J, Pa., and N.Y. He worked at Worthington Pump in Ampere during the day as a draftsman and called square dances at night. He embroidered these shirts himself. He was a Master of the Masons in Newark, East Orange.

 "This is Martha E. Pierce Zintel (wife of Charles H.) and daughter, Rosemary E. Zintel (Zava). I believe it was in 1952, by my age. It was taken in front of 445 Seventh Avenue, Newark, N.J. between 9th and 11th Streets, across from the bridge to Gray Street. "


 "This is (l to r) Rosemary Zintel, Arlene Zintel and Debbie Cordasco sitting in front of my house at 445 Seventh Avenue. About 1957? 1958? Debbie attended SRL. Rosemary and Arlene attended Roseville Avenue School. Debbie now still teaches in Newark, and has many friends on the site! Deb's parents were Vincent and Rose Cordasco. He drove an ambulance for Martin Medical Center and the city of Newark. He also delivered newspapers in the neighborhood. She had an older sister, Barbara Cordasco."



 "Lost in the Sixties! The top picture is Ellen Nann (Vernotica) and Pete Cody. It was Easter. It was taken in front of my house about 1962?  The bottom picture is Rosemary Zintel (Zava) and Fred (Butch) Cody, same time, same place. "



 "445 Seventh Avenue . . . about 2000 . . . between 9th and 11th Street, across from Gray Street bridge. The fence and bars and security weren't there when we lived there! Kevin Haran lived next door and the Himes lived on the other side. We lived there until 1965."

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