Roseville Scrapbook


Dick Evans sends in this photo and narrates:  A photo I took at the Ironbound Red Shield Boys Club. The 5th Precinct Pal attended a New York Knickerbocker Basketball exhibition with many other youth clubs. The Knicks appearing were Carl Braun, Jim Bechtold,and Vince Boryla. I believe that the Knicks played at that time in the 69th Regiment Armory,NYC. You could listen to them on the radio and they were just beginning to appear on TV. Other Team Members were Sweetwater Clifton, Harry the Horse Gallatin,The McGuire Brothers,The Coach was Joe Lapchick.  The picture is of some of the attendees, L-R Top;Joe Barbier,Gene McBride,Joe LeBert,Center,Unknown Red Haired Boy, Bottom, My beloved brother Bobby Evans (he passed away 13 August 2005), and Steve Franks. I am estimating the year of the photo as 1951 or 1952. Three members who would be on the Original Roseville Lions Baseball Team are in the picture, Joe Barbier,Joe LeiBert,Steve Franks , The Fourth one would be me but I was the photographer.  Our PAL was terrific , Run by Gerry O'Connor and later by Joe Nemekay. They were fine men and great role models. The Top Floor PAL had a low ceiling which made the outside basketball shooter hit one from a low trajectory.


Joe Bilby sends in these next three photos from a 1925 history of the Essex troop at work. "The first is some troopers stopping at some shitheap in Arizona between Bisbee and Fort Huachuca in 1916 in the Mexican Border fracas."



This is titled "The Essex Troopers marching down Roseville Avenue to the Armory after coming back from Arizona," but I can't quite figure the camera angle.


This one is easier -- Broad Street, Memorial Day, 1917. Most of the Essex Troop had been called up to active duty for WWI by this time, and this was what was left.


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