Roseville Scrapbook

The next couple pages feature photos sent in by Skip Borsos, Barringer High Class of January '57, who provides the commentary.  Thanks for sharing, Skip.


Intersection of 6th Avenue and North 9th Street. Taken in 1954 from the roof of 301 6th Ave. Stores from left to right were a laundromat, the 6th Avenue Deli and Liquor store, a small market, an empty store, and Mayfair Drugs. 



1954 Thanksgiving Day Parade, intersection of Roseville and
6th avenues. Parade heading in direction of 7th Avenue.



End of 1954 Thanksgiving Day Parade at intersection of
Roseville and 6th avenues; taken from roof of 301 6th Avenue.



The March 19, 1956 snowstorm. Photo taken by Don Pearson
from porch of 107 North 7th St. 


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