Roseville Scrapbook

This section features a random assortment of photos sent in by former Roseville residents.  To send in one of yours, direct it here and include "Roseville Scrapbook" in the subject line so I don't think it's just spam.


Peggie Russo-Millard sends in this shot of the May 1961 visit of St. Rose of Lima students to the United Nations.  What a well scrubbed bunch.


Ever wonder what happened to that old '47 laundry truck the SRL Imperial Lancers used to haul their gear around in?  Fr. O'Leary sold it to these guys for $50. (Ed Nelson, SRL 1958, brokered the deal.)

Here proud owner Joe Bilby climbs aboard, followed by Gene Arico of Vailburg.  These photos were taken in Lacey Twp. during  the 1964 deer season.


A couple years later Joe found himself on a different expedition.


A couple more from Joe Bilby.  "Here is Ray Rizzi, SRL class of 1957, taken on 11th Street, across the street from his house, circa 1956. The houses in the background are typical of the two- and three- family residences found on 11th Street."

"Here is Ron DaSilva, SRL class of 1957, sitting on the front steps of his house on 11th Street, circa 1956. To the rear is the 6th Avenue/11th Street intersection."

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