The Roseville Train Stations

Originally a stop on the Morris and Essex Division of the old Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad, the Roseville train station was perhaps most notable as the junction with the old Newark & Bloomfield RR, which brought travelers from Montclair and Bloomfield to the DL&W's main line at Roseville Avenue, and from there to downtown Newark, Hoboken and Jersey City.  In 1868 the DL&W bought the N&B and renamed that northern spur the Montclair Branch, which from 1928 to 1957 held the distinction of being the most heavily traveled branch in the United States.  In 1960 the DL&W merged with the Erie (which oddly enough had run a competing Montclair service on nearby tracks) and became the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad.  Below, mostly from the archives of the Newark Public Library, are photos of the stations built in Roseville and other assorted images of the rail line that served our old neighborhood until the 1970s.


An entrance to the Broad Street Station.  Below is a photo of its exterior, c. 1910.


From here, trains headed west, to our neck of the woods.

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