The 1950 Roseville Punkin Parade

In a handsome leather-bound volume we discovered these photos from an annual Roseville Halloween event, the Punkin Parade. 


The first photo in the book shows, presumably, the event's organizers. 
How about those hats!


After assembling in the Roseville Armory, the participants rolled out. 
(The Mystery Marshal was Mayor Leo J. Carlin!)


Here our men in uniform join in.  To the right is the intersection of Orange Street and Roseville Avenue.  You can see the drug store that became Rexall's, and to its left the National Newark and Essex Bank, the Franklin Mortgage & Title Guaranty Company, and there on the left -- Bodholdt's Diner!  Bodholdt's was actually a succession of "railroad car" diners until it got "aluminized" by the early '60s.
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