McCartney's Guitars, Part 5

1964: Epiphone Texan FT-79 acoustic (vintage unknown): Purchased in December and first used on Help!, notably "Yesterday,"  and other early Beatles songs.  McCartney still has this instrument.

1964: 1962 Epiphone Casino ES-230TD: Serial # 84075.  At the same time he bought the Texan, McCartney took bluesman John Mayall's advice and got this right-handed, hollow-body electric guitar based on the Gibson ES-330 and used it on several Beatles recordings, including "Drive My Car," "Tax Man" and "Paperback Writer." Back then they sold for  £172.  Slight modifications included restringing lefty (of course), adjusting the bridge and adding a strap button, but the Bigsby vibrato was left as it was.  "If I had to pick one electric guitar," he said, "it would be this."  Harrison and Lennon soon followed suit and got Casinos.  McCartney still uses this guitar for shows and recording.


The Casino, sans pickguard, came along on McCartney's 1989 tour and those following.

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