Why is there no pickguard on this 1992 Les Paul Standard
Frank took it off after Les Paul signed it. 
He calls this his favorite guitar.


A relatively new addition to Frank's stable is this Gretsch Country Gent.  Frank says it's "a 2003 model, one of the
first to be made after the Fender takeover of Gretsch.
It's a model 6122-62, which means that with the
exception of a couple of string mutes, it's identical
to George's '62 Country Gent in every way..."



Another beautiful Gretsch in action: " a sunburst Double Anniversary from June of 1967, the first month of the Baldwin takeover
of Gretsch (poor Gretsch has had quite a few regime
changes).  It sports a rare (for that year) zero fret,
and many leftover parts dating back as early as 1965
(according to Flip). I added a silver replacement
pickguard -- identical to the stock one except the logo
(the original was lost) -- from San Diego Gretsch-pert
Art Wigg."


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