Newark Photos: Downtown

The photos on these pages were made available through the 
courtesy of GLENN G. GEISHEIMER at Virtual Newark.Com
which I urge you to visit.


There were many fine stores downtown.  One was Kresge's, which had its own station on the Cedar Street Subway, which ran from the Public Service Terminal to Washington Street.  Kresge's also had an entrance to the City Subway along Raymond Blvd.

Hahne's was another popular emporium.  In the late '50s, my mother worked here as a waitress in the restaurant.  You can see in this photo one of the many streetcar lines that ran down Broad Street.


Perhaps my favorite store was McCrory's, if only for its heavenly candy/nuts section. Klein's, just down the street, was another good stop on Saturdays.

Looking down Market Street at the corner of Washington.  There's Bamberger's, a very memorable place for me.  I loved to just wander through the store.  My grandmother often took me down to the Garden State Tea Room for an elegant lunch. 


I can still hear the store announcement at Woolworth's: Bong!  "There is no waiting for seats in our basement cafeteria."  They had a good record department, as well as a first-class toy section.  This old photo shows the monstrous old Prudential Buildings just past it.

Another shot of the old Pru.  It employed about a zillion people and looked like the Bastille, for crying out loud.


And, of course, the new Pru.

I would have been sunk without the Newark Museum.  There were great programs in the summer, not to mention the Astronauts' Workshop, held weekly in the Planetarium.  There were neat science exhibits upstairs, as well.  We were lucky to have such a great Downtown.

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