Class of '66: Sr. Rita Damien

FRONT ROW: Maureen Worry; Pete Winklbauer; Dolores Huber; Fr. Shearer; Fr. O'Leary; Msgr. Carney; Fr. Flusk; Fr. McDonald; Beverly Manion; Tommy Westerfield; Sharon McGary. SECOND ROW: Denise Nimeth; Jimmy Egan; ; ____;Anna Richiuso ; Renee Frino; Paul Grillo; Rosemary Perone.  THIRD ROW: Art Fonden; ____; Sally Greiner; Michael Worry; Carol Casale; Michael Little; Diane Haines; ______; Brendan Kildunne. TOP ROW: Marty Ryan; Ann Rossi; Gregory Horne; ____; Patricia O'Brien; Colleen McCormick; Dennis Stawarski; Margaret Cullinane; Jimmy Doyle. Please help me fill in the blanks!

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