How to Build a Church
The following are from a set of more than 50 sequential photos taken between June 1924 and October 1925 by Albert Rothschild, a commercial photographer with an office on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.  An exception is the first photo, credited to P.O. Valentine, a commercial photographer with an office on Chadwick Avenue, Newark.  They depict the construction of the Church of St. Rose of Lima by the firm of W.H. Fissell & Co. of Newark and Washington, D.C.  
The Fissells were a prominent Roseville family, and these photos show the extraordinary craftsmanship that the firm brought to the project. 
Thanks to St. Rose for sharing these singular images. 


The first photo in the set shows the St. Rose school before it was enlarged, as well as the Tivoli Theater across Orange Street, and documents that the construction equipment was furnished by C.H. Loomis & Sons of Newark.


Another view of the dig, the Tivoli and the Roseville Methodist Church.

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