Orange Street - 1961

The following photographs come from 
the New Jersey Collection of the Newark Public Library, specifically the 
Dr. Samuel Berg Collection of Newark Street Corners.
Our thanks to Mr. Charles Cummings 
and the staff of the New Jersey Collection.



Where does Roseville start?  That's debatable, but we'll start at Hecker Street.  We're looking west here; just to our right is the old Jersey City Highway, which took you over the Stickel Bridge.  On the far corner is Duryea Street, and beyond that the patch of green we called Boys' Park.


Here we are at the intersection of First Street, looking east at the old Tung-Sol factory and Holly's Luncheonette.


A block down, on the corner of Second Street, was the corner store that sold Italian ice treats in the summer and Halloween stuff in the fall.


Looking south: This is my favorite photo, as it shows the block I lived on until the highway came through.  This is the gas station where my dad filled up, and where I put air in my bike tires.  In the house behind it lived my friends Ralph and Hector Morales.  Ah, Second Street!


The view across the street: This is the block where we lived briefly in '61, where I met the Fonden family and the Santuccis.  The Dinvernos lived further down, as did the Martuccis.  A very lively block.

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